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Before we jump into the next steps, just one quick note (in case you missed it)…


Our team is not for everyone. We hold ourselves to a higher standard than most. You will be expected to push yourself, to make your mark and to strengthen the values, behaviors and culture that are the core of our success. Before you apply, be sure our team is right for you.

Have a look at this quick list which describes what you can expect by joining our team.

  • Gain confidence in making outbound calls each day to qualified leads

  • We expect our agents to respond to incoming prospects and client inquires in a timely manner.

  • Agents will be expected to enhance skills by attending required training and webinars.

  • All staff will be expected to represent our company values daily.

  • You will learn to nurture long term prospects and build relationships with buyers and sellers.

  • Agents will update all info and conversations for each client/prospect in the company CRM in order to create the highest level of service and best experience for every person you come in contact with.

  • You will learn to use social media networks such as Facebook & LinkedIn to identify potential contacts.

  • Team members will represent the company in a positive manner in all occasions and help build brand awareness throughout the community.

  • All members will participate in ongoing training and development sessions as required.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s dive into the next steps:

If you’re still serious about joining our team, enter your full name, email and phone number in the form below.  Once complete you will receive an email confirmation from our Head of Talent asking you a few more things to ensure all of your contact information is 100% accurate.

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